James Christianman Foundation cares for homeless, sick children

James Christianman Foundation was inspired by Christ Jesus’ special love for children and the ardent fire that burns in my own heart for children. James Christianman Foundation gives priority to caring for homeless, orphaned or sick children. The other priority of my Foundation is to help young Christian men and women in gaining the education they need to use the gifts that God gave them to glorify Him.

Some of the organizations to which James Christianman Foundation has contributed or continues to contribute includes faith-based organizations providing homes to abused or abandoned children or housing and food for hundreds of homeless children or homeless parents with children. Other recipients include The Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern Arizona; the Foundation sponsors an annual summer camp, and contributes to proms and Christmas parties each year for children with cancer and their families–also The Palmer Home for Children, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Baldrick’s, Youth on Their Own, Community Food Bank, Feeding America’s Hungry Children, San Xavier Mission School, LaPaloma Family Services, Grace Centers of Hope, Christ Child House, Gospel Rescue Mission, Widows Harvest, Casa Hogar Orphanage and numerous churches.