It’s My Calling and My Cross®

The Artistic Ministry of James Christianman® is a calling from God. The ministry is called to magnify the Lord, to bring strength, wisdom, humility and charity through a language that has been bestowed upon me in a time of great trial in my life. After 25 years of creating art for the world, I find myself a stranger, denying myself, taking up my cross, creating art for the Word of God. For God our Father, for Jesus my saviour, my refuge and strength, for you and for the encouragement of many others.

He who walks with Jesus will be Delivered. Jesus is our Deliverer


This month’s showcased design; I AM The DOOR

I Am The Door

O’ Heavenly Spirit of the Highest
The Doors to Heaven, I AM
Enter in he to be saved
Go in and out and find Pastures way
Supreme Love and Knowledge guards.
Embracing the Keys of Light
Crowned with Innocence, Life, and Joy
Thou art the Living God Jehovah
O’Holy One Jesus Christ
The Doors to Heaven, I AM
Father, Shepherd, Bishop of all Saints
Thou art, Parent to all
Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth
The Beginning and the Ending
Which is, which was and which is to come
Thou art The Almighty
The Doors of Heaven, IAM